1) Doctoral

Sr. No. Year Name of the awardee Thesis Title
1 2020 Dr. Anjani Kumar Water Stress Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Productivity in Rice
2 2021 Dr. B.R. Iniyalakshimi Monitoring Crop Diversity, Soil Fertility Changes and Site-Specific Reclamation of Treated Paper Mill Effluent Irrigated Soils.

2) Masters

Sr. no Year Name of the awardee Thesis Title
1 2020 1. Arkaprava Roy Assessing and Arresting Transfer of Arsenic from Soil to Rice Plant.
2. Kingshuk Modak Impact of Conservation Agriculture Practices on Organic Carbon Stabilization within Soil Aggregates under Soybean-Wheat System in An Inceptisol.
2 2021 1. Kaushik Saha Characterization, Classification and Suitability Evaluation of Major Mango-Growing Soils of Southern Karnataka
2. Riaj Rahaman Assessment of Soil Quality in the Post Flood Scenario of North Central Laterites (Aeu 10) in Thrissur District of Kerala and Mapping using GIS Techniques