Volume 30, No. 2- 2020


Comparison of Different Land Evaluation Techniques for Evaluating Soil the Suitability for Rainfed Hybrid Cotton M.V. Venugopalan, P. Tiwary and Dhanashree Pable

Land Evaluation for Alternate Land Use Planning of Soils in Tatrakallu Village, Anantapuramu District of Andhra Pradesh G. Sashikala, M.V.S Naidu, K.V. Ramana, K.V. Nagamadhuri, A. Pratap Kumar Reddy and P. Sudhakar

Physical and Chemical Properties of Soybean-growing Soil in Different Agro-ecological Zones of Marathwada Region K.R. Malode, V D. Patil and S.R. Lakhe

Effect of Different Levels of Phosphorus and Zeolite on Yield, Nutrient Uptake and Phosphorus Use Efficiency of Rabi Onion Grown on an Inceptisols S.R. Shelke, B.D. Bhakare and Kishor Kumar C.N

Characterization and Classification of Major Mango-growing Soils in Arid Part of Ananthapuramu District, Andhra Pradesh, India R. Srinivasan, R. Vasundhara, M. Lalitha, B. Kalaiselvi, K.V. Niranjana and Rajendra Hegde

Influence of Agricultural Land Use on Soil Organic Carbon Fractions in an Arid Ecosystem V. Mahajan, D. Vasu, P. Tiwary and P. Chandran

Influence of Zinc Fortification on Yields and Quality of Fodder Maize M. Shanti, R. Susheela, V. Chandrika, T. Shashikala, M.C. Patnaik and P. Surendra Babu

Status of Sulphur and Boron in Soils of North Gujarat Region of India V. P. Ramani, K.C. Patel, Dileep Kumar, K. P. Patel and Ravi. A. Patel

Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil: Sources, Accumulation in Vegetables and Remedial Measures: A Review Sandeep Kumar, Lal Chand Malav, Shiv Prasad, Sunita Yadav and Amrita Daripa

A Low-Cost Assembly for Extraction of Hot Calcium Chloride Extractable Boron from Soil Samples P.C. Srivastava and S.P. Pachauri

Volume 30, No. 1- 2020


Decadal Changes in Land Use/Land Cover Using Temporal Remote Sensing Data and GIS-A Case Study of Miniwada Panchayat, Nagpur District Nisha Sahu, G. P. Obi Reddy, Nirmal Kumar, M. S. S. Nagaraju, Rajeev Srivastava and S. K. Singh

Feasibility Study of USLE and MUSLE Models for Estimating Soil Erosion in Data Scarce Situations S. B. Nandgude, S. S. Salunkhe, V. T. Shinde and M. Singh

Land Resources Characterization of Kangayam Block in Tamil Nadu Uplands under Dry Semiarid Eco-region M. Lalitha, K.S. Anil Kumar, Shivanand, S. Dharumarajan, B. Kalaiselvi, Arti Koyal, S. Parvathy, S. Thayalan, M. Ramesh, Rajendra Hegde and S.K. Singh

Spatial Distribution of Plant Available Soil Nutrients in Different Landforms of Bongaigaon District, Assam S.K. Reza, S. Bandyopadhyay, Utpal Baruah, D. Sarkar and S.K. Singh

Production Potential, Economic Viability and Soil Properties as Influenced by Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and Maize (Zeamays) based Cropping Systems in Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh, India U.S. Tiwari, Karam Husain, S.D. Dubey, R.K. Pandey and H.P. Pandey

Soil Physico-Chemical and Microbial Status of Old Apple Orchards in Shimla and Sirmaur Districts, Himachal Pradesh N. Singh, D.P. Sharma and R. Kaushal

Influence of Fertigation on Yield, Quality, Water Use and Economics of Ratoon Banana in Inceptisols under Semi-Arid Maharashtra K. D. Kale, D. D. Pawar1, S. D. Shinde and S. R. Pawar

Effect of FYM and Fermented Liquid Manures on Some Physico-Chemical and Biological Properties of Soil and Nutrients Status at Harvest of Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) M. Chandrakala and N. S. Hebsur

Adsorption of Zinc in Some Basmati Rice Growing Regions of Sub-Tropical Jammu Enoch Spalbar, Asim Kumar Mondal and Ajay Pratap Rai

Delineation of Groundwater Recharge Sites Using Remote Sensing and GIS of Nagpur Region Priyamvada Vaidya, Mahesh Kothari, P. R. Patil

Volume 29, No. 2- 2019


Remote Sensing and GIS-Based Soil Loss Assessment Using RUSLE Model -A Case Study of Bareli Watershed, Seoni District of Madhya Pradesh Sagar N. Ingle, M.S.S. Nagaraju, Nirmal Kumar, Nisha Sahu, Pramod Tiwary, Rajeev Srivastava and Jagdish Prasad

Characterization and Classification of Soils of Valsadtaluka,Valsad District, Gujarat D. Vasu, K. Humadevi, G. Neha, P. Tiwary, P. Chandran, S. K. Singh

Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients and Their Relationship in Semi-Arid Uplands of Southern IndiaB. Kalaiselvi , S. Dharumarajan, M. Lalitha, R. Srinivasan , K. S. Anil Kumar, Rajendra Hegde and P. Chandran

Energy Utilization Patterns for Sustainable Crop Production in the Semi-Arid Vertisols of India Hrittick Biswas, Suresh Kumar , M. Prabhavathi, Amrut Morade , Vikas Sharma , K. S. Rao, B. N. Sheshadri and P. Mohan Kumar

Characterization of Irrigation Water Quality Parameters Using Geo-Statistical Approach G.S. Tagore and H. K. Rai

Integrated Effect of INM and Reduced Tillage on Economic Yield, Nutrient Uptake of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and Soil PropertiesPankaj Kumar Yadav, A. P. Singh, P. Raha, Janardan Yadav, R.P. Singh and I.S. Singh

Effect of Fertigation on Yield, Water Use, Economics and Storability of Onion (Allium cepa) cultivated in InceptisolsK. D. Kale, D. D. Pawar and M.G. Shinde

Chemical Characterization of Ganga Basin Soils of Western Uttar Pradesh Satendra Kumar, Achin Kumar , Pramod Kumar and Pankaj Kumar

Vertical Distribution of Some Nutrients in Pulse-Growing Black Soils of Sohaon Block in Ballia District, Uttar Pradesh Rajmohan Singh, Ashok Kumar Singh, Anil Kumar Singh and Sandip Kumar Gupta

Fluoride Concentration in Groundwater of Khapa Town, Saoner Tehsil, Nagpur District – A Case Study Ruchir Gupta and Rashmi Gupta

Volume 29, No 1 - 2019


Soils of Thotapalli Major Irrigation Project of North- Coastal Andhra Pradesh: Physical and Chemical Properties K. Himabindu , P. Gurumurthy and P.R.K. Prasad

Diffused Reflectance Spectroscopy for Characterization of Salt-Affected Soil (SAS) Attributes Arijit Barman and Rajeev Srivastava

Suitability of Water for Drinking and Irrigation Use Using Water Quality Index and GIS   V. T. Shinde ,M. Singh,S. B. Nandgude and N. Varshney

Computation of Watershed Parameters of Kansa Watershed in Satara Using Remote Sensing and GIS   A. P. Bowlekar

Carbon Sequestration under Saffron (Crocus sativa) Cultivation as Influenced by Different Levels of Organic Manure and Inorganic Nitrogen   Nayar Afaq Kirmani*, Javid Ahmed Sofi , M. Ayub Bhat, Shabira Bangroo, Juvaria Jeelani

Developing Multiple-Linear Regression Model to Predict Soil Cation Exchange Capacity for Nagaland Soils   Gaurav Mishra*, Avishek Sarkar, Gopal Tiwari and Abhishek Jangir

Physico-Chemical Properties of Soil and Mineral Composition of Plants as Affected by Fox Nut-Based Cropping Systems   I.S. Singh*, Manoj Kumar, A.K. Thakur , A.K. Choudhary , B.P. Bhatt , S.P. Singh and S. S. Prasad

Influence of Plastic Mulching on Soil Moisture, Nutrient and Microbial Biomass in Pineapple Cultivation on Undulating Hilly Areas of Nagaland   Christy B. K. Sangma, A. Thirugnanavel , Ph. Romen Sharma, G.Rajesha, and B.C. Deka

Assessment of Macro and Microelement Accumulation Capability of Aquatic Weeds Growing with Gorgon Nut   I.S. Singh , Dhiraj Kumar , A.K. Thakur , Manoj Kumar, B.R. Jana, S.M. Raut, B.P. Bhatt , S.P. Singh , Pankaj Kumar Yadav and Anil Kumar

Physico-Chemical Properties and Available N, P, K and S in Soils of Harahua Block of Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh   Vibha Singh, R.P. Singh*, S.K.S. Chandel and S. K. Patel

Volume 27, No. 2 - 2017


Assessment of Spatial Variability in Soil Properties of Nagalvadi Micro-watershed Using Geospatial Techniques for Site-Specific Agricultural Input Management in Wardha District of Maharashtra   Nilima et al

Influence of Landform on the Spatial Variability of Soil Fertility in Central State Farm, Jetsar, Sri Ganganagar District of Rajasthan   Nogiya et al

Mineralogy of Soils along Toposequence in Raipur District of Chhattisgarh   Roshan Wakode et al

Morphological and Physico-chemical Characterization of Salt-Affected Soils of Muktsar District of Punjab   Sandhu et al

Inorganic P Fractionation in Typical Vertisols and Associated Soils of Central India: A Case Study   Vijay R. Jadhav and K. Karthikeyan

Establishing Relationship Between Saturated Paste Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Soil:Water Electrical Conductivity (EC.2) in Some Shrink-swell Soils of Nagpur District, Maharashtra   Yagani Sinha et al

Effect of Fertilizers and Microbial Inoculants on Yield and Quality of Soybean   Aliho Shikhu et al

Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds Using Morphometry and Land Cover Based Multi-Criteria Analysis in Basaltic Terrain of Central India   Benukantha Dash et al

Depth-wise Distribution of Boron in Relation to Soil Properties in South-west Punjab   A. K. Boparai and J. S. Manchanda

Application of Geo-spatial Techniques in Soil Suitability analysis for Major Crops of Nizamabad District, Telangana   Dhanashree Pable et al

Characterization and Classification of soils on different Geomorphic Units of North-Eastern Haryana, India   Dinesh et al.

Nutrient Use and Yield of Banana as influenced by Fertigation   Kale et al.

Computation of Runoff by SCS-CN Method from Micro- watersheds of Urmodi Basin in Maharashtra State Using RS and GIS   Nandgude et al.

Volume 27, No. 1 - 2017


Geospatial Technique for Characterization, Evulation and Management of Land Resources of Shegoan Watershed, District Chandrapur, Maharashtra   S.S. Potdar, V.V. Gabhane, Rajeev Srivastava, V.K. Kharche, R.A.Nasre and M.S.S. Nagaraju.

Potassium Release Charastercistics in Relation to Soil Properties in Soils of Major Cropping Systems in Kurnool District.   Rajeevna, P.Kavitha, M. Sreenivasa Chari and M. Sreenivasa Reedy.

Influence of Graded Levels of Phosphorus at Different Fertility Gradient on Soil Properties under Finger Millet- Maize Cropping system.   M. Chandrakala, Srinivasa Murthy and C.A. Sanjeev Kumar.

Effect of Integrated Nurtient Management on Physico-Chemical Properties of Soil and Rice Yield.   S. Pattton, A.K. Singh, R.C. Gupta and Surendra Singh.

Effect Of Organic Matter and Initial Moisture Contenent on Water Tranmission Characteristics of Alfisols Of Assam   M.K. Nayak, D.K. Patgiri and T.C. Baurah.

Distrbustion of Nurtritents in Sundarban -A Case Study   R. Srinivasan, D.C. Nayak and S.K. Singh

Release of Nitrogen and Co2 evolution for Mansures and Fertilizers applied in Soil: An incubation study.   R. Srinivasna, k.Jeevan Rao, V.Sailaja and S.K. Reza

Spatial Variability of Major and Micro Nutrients is Soils of Bhandra District, Maharashtra.   R.N. Katkar, S.R. Lakhe, V.K. Kharch, P.N.Magare and G.S. Laharia

Effect Of Integrated Nutrient Management Under Different Irrigation Methods on Soil Propertie, Yield and Storability of rabi Onion.   B.D. Bhakare, J.B. Shind, S.S. Tuwar and M.b. Dhonde.

Yield of Soybean, Nutrient Uptake and Nutrient Availbility in an Inceptisol as Influenced by Irrigation at Critical Growth Stages   S.M. Kanade, K.D. Kale, D.D. Pawar and R.R. Hasure.

Assessment of Land Use Potential for Sustainable Development of Chorgali Village of Hura block, Puruliya district, West Bengal   Dolan Champa Sarkar, P.P. Mitranang, S.K. Mohit Pasha, S. Roychowdhury, Munish Kumar and V.S. Arya.

Characterization of Some Vertisols of Different Agro-ecological Regions of India   Priya P. Gurav, S.K.. Ray, P.L. Choudhari, T. Bhattacharya, P. Chandran, V.K. Kharche, P.Tiwary and A.K. Biswas

Nutritional Status of Sweet orange-Growing Soil Of YSR District, Andra Pradesh, India   Ramanjaneya Reddy , Munaswamy V , Venkataram Muni Reddy P, Ravindra Reddy B , Sudhakar P , Venkaiah K.

Soil Fertility Status of Surha Tal Land Soils of Ballia district, Uttar Pradesh.   Ashok K. Singh, Gyan Prakash Pal and Harishankar Tiwari

Volume 26, No. 2 - 2016


Delineation of Land Management Units in Tropical South Deccan Plateau of India   V. Ramamurthy, K.M. Nair, S.C. Ramesh Kumar, S. Srinivas,L.G.K. Naidu, K. Sujatha, Dipak Sarkar and S.K.Singh

Soil Suitability Evaluation of Major Crops for Sustainable Land Use Planning in Kupti Watershed, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra   A.J. Patangray, N.G. Patil, S.K. Singh2, P. Tiwari,V. N. Mishra, A.R. Pagdhune3 and B.A. Patil

Effect of Phosphorous Application on Uptake, Yield and Fertilizer Use Efficiency under Rice-Rice and Rice-Sunflower Systems in High P Soils   A. Srinivas, P.Surendra Babu, A.Madhavi, G.E.C.H.Vidyasagar and G.R. Maruthi Sankar

Soil Mapping at Village Level in a Part of Amethi District, U.P. using IRS LISS-IV and Cartosat-1 Merged Data for Sustainable Land and Crop Management.   P.P.S. Yadav*, Arjun Singh, G. Rajput and K. Singh

Effects of Salinity on Germination Behaviour of Two Paddy Landraces Grown in Chakrata, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India   Ranbeer Singh Chauhan, J.S. Chauhan1, A.S. Rawat1and Dinesh Singh Rawat

Pre-Harvest Losses as Perceived by the Wheat Growers in Madhya Pradesh– An Economic Analysis   S.C. Meena, Deepak Rathi and Hari Om Sharma

Characterization, Classification and Evaluation of Cashew Growing Soils in Coastal Odisha for Sustainable Production   R. Srinivasan, S.K. Singh, D.C. Nayak3 and L.G.K. Naidu

The Major Biophysical Indicators of Desertification in Arid and Semi arid regions of India   S. Dharumarajan*, M. Lalitha, R. Vasundhara and Rajendra Hegde

Characterization and Classification of Different Rice Growing Soils with Special Emphasis on Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Rajnagar Block of Birbhum District, West Bengal.   Shreyasi Gupta Choudhury, Tapati Banerjee, Krishnendu Das, A.K. Sahoo, D.C. Nayak and S.K. Singh

Assessment of Soil Degradation and Large Scale Soil Mapping Using GIS: A Case study of village Ramagarh from Purna Valley, Maharashtra   R.K. Naitam, V.K. Kharche, V.V. Gabhane, T. Bhattacharyya, S.M. Taley, I.K. Ramteke, Preeti Deshmukh and N.M. Konde

Assessment of Weather Parameters for Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) in Alfisols of Karnataka - a Regression Approach   H.S. Shivaramu, P. Vijaya Kumar, M.B. Rajegowda, V.U.M. Rao, N. A. Janardhana Gowda and D.V. Soumya

Characterization and Formation of Salt affected Soils in Bhilwara district, Rajasthan   S.S. Sharma, R.P. Sharma, R.S. Singh and S.K. Singh

Assessment of Physico-chemical Parameters and Nutrient Availability in Soils of Arvi and Karanja Blocks of Wardha district, Maharashtra   Aliza Pradhan, Mahesh Maske, Manoj Sayre and Mahesh Sadatpure

Volume 26, No. 1 - 2016


Soil Resilience and Sustainability of Semi-Arid and Humid Tropical Soils of India: A Commentary   M. Velayutham and D.K. Pal

C sequestration potential of cultivated land and Mango orchard in the plough layer of Alfisols of the tropical sub-humid dry bioclimatic zone of India   Poushali Roy

Fertility Capability Classification (FCC): A case study in rainfed soils of semi-arid Deccan plateau   D.Vasu, S.K. Singh, K. Karthikeyan and V.P.Duraisami

Economics of Kharif Sorghum Production in Southern Dry Zone of Karnataka   S.C. Ramesh Kumar, A.B. Tejaswini , M.K. Prakashanaik, S. Nandini, Rajendra Hedge and S. K. Singh

Effect of treated Domestic Sewage Water Irrigation on Yield and Uptake of heavy metals in cotton - A Case Study from Nagpur City, Central India   A. R. Mhaske

Influence of Weather and Growth Parameters on Yield of Pigeon pea in an Alfisol of Karnataka  H. S. Shivaramu*, M. B. Rajegowda, D.V. Soumya and L.N. Lakshmi

Characterization and Classification of Soils of Jirang Block in Meghalaya Plateau   R.K. Jena, V.P. Duraisami, R. Sivasamy, R. Shanmugasundaram, R. Krishnan, S. Padua, S. Bandyopadhyay, S. Ramachandran1, P. Ray, P. Deb Roy, S.K. Singh and S.K. Ray

Land Use Issues in Selected Disadvantaged Districts of Eastern India   N. G. Patil*, A. Chaturvedi and S. K. Singh

Land Suitability Evaluation for Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Tirora Tehsil of Gondia District, Maharashtra - A GIS Approach   Vishakha Dongare, A. K. Maji, G. P. Obi Reddy, I.K. Ramteke

Secondary and Micro Nutrient mapping in forest soils of Kandhamal district, Odisha   Bandita Jena*, R.K. Nayak, Jyotirmayee Das, R.K. Parida and D. Sethi

Spatial distribution of Fe and Mn in paper mill effluent affected agricultural soils in Morigaon, Assam   S.K. Reza, Utpal Baruah and S.K. Singh

Characterization and Evaluation of Soils Occurring on Toposequence In Eastern Plains, Bhilwara District, Rajasthan for Land Use Planning   R. K. Naitam, R. S. Singh, P. C. Moharana and S. K. Singh