The lecture was instituted in 2003 in the memory of late S.V. Govindarajan, the doyen of Soil Science. He was born on 28th August 1913. Among the various posts that he held were those of Soil Correlator of Southern Region (1956 to 1961) and Chief Soil Survey Officer of the then All India Soil and Land Use Survey Organisation (from 1961 until superannuation).

During his four and a half decades of professional career, he contributed immensely to soil survey and soil fertility research and teaching. He published a soil map of India on 1: 7M scale in 1971.
This lecture is delivered by an eminent scientist working in natural resources management in the Convention of the Society held once in two years. Most appropriately, the privilege and honour of delivering the 1st lecture went to Dr. R.P. Dhir, an internationally renowned pedologist in 2004.

The lecture was delivered by following personalities :-
Year Name of Persons
2004 Dr. R.P. Dhir
2005 Dr. D.K. Pal
2008 Dr. I.V. Subbarao
2010 Dr. M. Velayutham
2012 Dr.A.K.Singh
2014 Dr.A.K. Sikka
2016 Dr. M.S. Ramamohan Rao
2022 Dr. A. Natarajan