Volume 14, No. 2 - 2004


Spatial variability in chemical properties of red soils, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu   V. Arunkumar, S. Natrajan and R. Sivasamy

Influence of canal irrigation on groundwater fluctuation and soil properties in Jayakwadi command of Mabarashtra   MD. Babar and R. D. Kaplay

Solubility of diammonium phosphate as influenced by coatings of rosin in some soils of Rajasthan   S. C. Meena, B. N. Swami, B. N. Vyas and V. K. Saini

Influence of integrated nutrient management on properties of a Mollisol under okra-pea-tomato cropping sequence   T. R. Singh, S. Singh. S. K. Singh and M. P. Singh

Effect of lignite humic acid on available S and its uptake in turmeric   K. Baskar and K. Sankaran

Integrated land resources appraisal of rainfed chickpea productivity in sub-humid and semi-arid agro-eco-subregions   G. R. Maurthi Sankar, K. S. Gajbhiye, G. P. Gupta, l. P. S. Yadav, P. S. Dharmaraj, V. N. A utkar, C. R. Thyagaraju, V. Ramamurthy, G. Ravindra Chary and K. P. R. Vittal

Dynamics of phosphorus during composting of sugar and distillery industrial wastes   G. C. Sathisha and L. Devarajeln

Characterisation and classification of some soils from Shahibi basin in parts of Haryana and Delhi   T. P. Swarnam, A Velmurugan and Y. S. Rao

Effect of amendments on properties of sodic soil and chemical composition of rice plants   D.P.S. Diwakar, D.P. Kaur, R.C. Singh and R. Prasad

Need for soil-based fertiJizer recommendations as a precision approach than blanket zonal recommendation - A case study of paddy growing soils of Andhra Pradesh   L. G. K. Naidu, R. S. Reddy, S. L. Budihal and S. Srinivas

Volume 12, No. 1 - 2002


Characterization and classification of the soils of Central Research Station, Bhubaneswar   R. K. Nayak, G. C. Sahu. and S. S. K. Nanda

Characterization of soil moisture storage and release in soils of Indira Gandhi Canal Command in Rajasthan   G. P. Bhargava

Impact of salinity protection by barrage on the acidity characteristics of an acid sulphate soil of Kerala   K. C. Manorama Thampatti and A. I. Jose

Mapping available potassium in the soils of Assam   S. Vadivelu, T K. Sen, B. P. BhaskaJ; .fiji Tampi, U. Baruch and J. P. Mishra

Prioritisation and management needs of KawaI Khad Watershed based on sediment yield index in southern Himachal Pradesh using remotely sensed data and GIS techniques   J. C. Sharma, Jitendra Prasad, A. R. Bhandari, Karan Singh and Kulwant Rai Sharma

Status of available Co, Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe in some soils of plateau region of Jharkhand   Binod Kumar, N. K. Prasad, R. N. Singh, and A. K. Sarkar

Arsenic content in irrigation water and impact on soils of the Indo-Gangetic Plain of West Bengal   Amiya Kumar Ghosh, Dipak Sarkar, S. K. Sanyal and D. C. Nayak

Effect of available S, N, P and soil characteristics on yield and S response in raya (Brassica juncea)   R. C. Jaggi and Rakesh K. Sharma

Spatial variability of organic carbon of a tea estate in Jorhat district of upper Assam   A. S. N. Zaman and D. K. Patgiri

Different forms of sulphur in relation to soil properties in some Alfisols and Inceptisols of Birbhum district of West Bengal   P. K. Bandyopadhyay and G. N. Chattopadhyay

Volume 10, No. 2 - 2000


Use of land evaluation techniques to assess the market value of agricultural land   Willy H Verheye

Characteristics and erodibility of some degraded soils of the hill region of Uttar Pradeshv   HN Singh and Om Prakash

Characterization of acid saline rice based wetland ecosystems of Kuttanad, 108 Kerala, and their salinity protection by Thanneermukkom regulator   K C Manorama Thampatti and AJ Jose

Geoinformatics for ecological-economic zoning towards land use planning in Yerrakalava Catchment, Andhra Pradesh   ND,R, Krishna, Y.V.N Krishna Murthy, B,S.P Rao and C V. Srinivas

Distribution of organic carbon and nitrogen in some Tarai soils of West Bengal   A. K Saha, N Saha and S.K Pal

Characterization of some surface soils of Bihar   S.N Prasad and R.C Singh

Boron status in some soils of lower Tista catchment of West Bengal   S. K Bhattacharyya, Parthasarathi Bhattacharl'ya and T H Das

Characterization and classification of some salt-affected soils of Bhal Region of Gujarat   A. K Nayak, C. Cururaja Rao, Anil R.Chinchmalatpure and Ravender Singh

Characterization and classification of sodic soils of the Gangetic alluvial plains at Banthra, Lucknow   V.K. Carg, PK. Singh and Alok Mathur

Characterization and classification of orange growing soils in Nagpur district of Maharashtra and the effect of soil parameters on crop performance   D.S. Mohekar and O. Challa

Modelling pF curve of clay, clay loam and silt loam soils under different quality waters   S.K. Chaudhari and R.B. Somawanshi

Evaluation of sediment stratification and classification of alkali soils in the Chitravathi River Basin, Andhra Pradesh   B.P Bhaskar, R.S. Reddy, SL Budihal, O. Challa, S.C. Anantwar, R.A. Nasre, Arti Koyal, K.S. Cajbhiye and M. Velayutham

Volume 10, No. 1 - 2000


V.K Mishra Water expense and nutrient use efficiency of wheat and winter maize as influenced by integrated nutrient management   V.K Mishra

Soil physiographic relationship in southeastern sector of submontane tract of Punjab   J. S. Sawhlley, V. K Verma alld H. S. Jassal

Evaluations of different methods for spatial analysis of Cobalt fractions in the Indo-Gangetic Alluvial Plains   M.S. Grewal, R.s. Raman and M.S. Kuhad

Mineralogy of soils of the Kandi area in the Siwalik hills of semi-arid tract of India   Raj Kumal; PS. Sidhu and B.D. Sharma

Land degradation due to P depletion under intensive cropping   Jayasree Sankal; .P Sail thy, P Muthavel and V. Maragappan

Changes in available phosphorus and grain yield of black gram (Vigna mung) under integrated nutrient management in Inceptisol   S. Thiyageshwari and Rani Perumal

Evaluation of production efficiency of cotton zone for rational land use in Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh   B.P Bhaskal; M.S.S. Nagaraju, G. Ravindra Char); R.S. Reddy, N.G. Raghumohan and KS. Gajbhiye

Available micronutrient status of soils on differentbarent materials and landforms in a micro-watershed of Wunna catchment near Nagpur   Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, Bri) Lal, O. Cllalla and Sehgal. J

Characterisation of coffee growing soils in Karnataka   V.K Kharche, 1. Sehgal and O. Challa

Studies on K release capacity of Aridisols of Rajasthan   R.K Sharma and B.N. Swami

Assessing the suitability of soils under Narmada command in Gujarat state for irrigation using soil resource information   J.D. Giri. J.P Shal1lla and RL Shyampara

Pedological variabilities and classification of some dominant soils of Aravallies-Yamuna 80 river transect in semi-arid tract of Haryana   G.S. Sidhu. S.K Ghosh and KM. Manjaiah