Volume 8, No. 1 - 1998


A hypothesis on the formation of Lakshadweep islands from pedogenetic standpoint   S. Vadivelu

Use of various equations for modelling pF curve of soils of Jian, Muzaffarpur in Bihar   J.P. Singh, A. P. Rakesh, V. K. Mishra and B. K. Sinha

Water retention characteristics of some swell-shrink soils of Chandrapur district of Maharashtra   Rajeev Srivastava, S T. Gaikawad and Jagat Ram

Effect of leaf mulches on soil moisture conservation, growth and 19 yield of blackgram in upland soils of Tripura   B. K. Bhatlachmya, M. Datta and S Mitra

Evaluation of specifications for graded bunds and suitable intra-terrace 25 measures in the deep black soils of semi-arid region of South India   M. S Rama Mohan Rao, S. K. Nalatwadmath, A. Raizada, R. N. Adhikari and S L. Patil

Evaluation of various crop canopies for water erosion resistance   B. N. Sagare. S. M. Bhoyar and S. S. Rewatkar

Macro and micro nutrient status of some salt affected Vertisols of Upper Krishna Command (Karataka)   A. N. Yeresheemi, H. T. Channal, M. S Patagundi and T. Satyanarayana

Phosphate rock dissolution and P uptake by Soybean (Glycine max)   G. H. Tharamani, L. Susheela Devi and C. A. Srinivasamurthy

Soils of Tripura. I - Characterisation and classification   T. Bhattacharyya, D. Sarkar. S.K. Gangopadhyay. P.N. Dubey. U.Baruah. G.SChamuah, S.Mukhopadhyay, D.C.Nayak, A.K. Maji. R.K. Saxena. A.K.Barthwal, N.D.R.Krishna. C.Mandal. J.Sehgal, K. R. Bhowmick, K. Sinha. R. Chakrabarty. S. Nandi Majumdar, P. K.Pal. A. K.Kris/lllakumar and M. R. Sethuraj

Soils of Tripura. II - Suitability for Rubber   T. Bhattacharyya, D. Sarkar. S.K. Gangopadhyay, P.N. Dubey, U.Baruah, G.S.Chamuah, SMukhopadhyay. D.C.Nayak, A.K. Maji. R.K. Saxena, A.K.Barthwal, N.D.R. Krishna. C.Mandal, J.Sehgal, K. R. Bhowmick, K. Sinha, R. Chakrabarty. S. Nalldi Majumdar, P. K.Pal, A. K.Krishnakumar and M. R. Sethuraj

Volume 5 - 1995
VOLUME 5 1995


Some Vertisols and Assoicated Soils of Bihar: Mineralogy and Genesis of Concretions and Nodules   D.P.S. DIWAKAR AND R.N. SINGH

Morphology, Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Classification of Lateritic SOils of a Part of Ajoy Catchment in West Bengal   M. KUDRAT, M.L. MANCHANDA, J. PRASAD, P.D. SAXENA AND H.D. TAYAL

Mapping of Salinity/Sodicity Levels for Improving Reclamation Strategy in Etah Distric   K.S. VERMA, R.K. SAXENA, AND A.K. BARTHWAL

Characterisation and Classification of Soils of Nasik District, Maharashtra   JAGDISH PRASAD, P.L.A. SATYAVATHI, RAJEEV SRIVASTAVA AND K.M. NAIR

Characterisation and Classification of Alkali Soils on Siwalik Hills of Satluj-Yamuna Divide, North-West India   RAJ KUMAR, R.L. AHUJA, N.T. SINGH AND S.K. GHABRU

Phosphorus Availability from Mussoorie Rock Phosphate in an Aeric Haplaquept a Rice-Rice Sequence   R.M. KUMAR AND H.P. BARTHAKUR

Impact of Lime on Rice Yield and Available Potassium in Coastal Acid Soils, of Karnataka   M.S. BADRINATH, H.M. CHIDANANDAPPA, MIR KHAMER ALI AND T.C. CHAMEGOWDA

Forms of Sulphur in Some Soils of Jaunpur District, Uttar Pradesh   H.P. AGRAWAL AND S.K. SINGH

Effect of Sulphur and Rhizobium Inoculation on Rhizosphere and Non-rhizosphere Microflora   M.V.S. NAIDU AND HANUMAN RAM

Micronutrients in Soils, Clays and Concretions in Vertisols of Bihar   D.P.S. DIWAKAR AND R.N. SINGH

Response of Soybean to Soil-Site Parameters and Crop Management   S.C. YADAV, J. SEHGAL, B.K. KANDPAL, H.S. SHIVARAMU AND G.R. CHARY

Evaluation of Soil-Site Conditions for Suitability of Rubber   V.K. KHARCHE, J. SEHGAL AND O. CHALLA

Limitations and Productivity Potentials of Alkali Soils of Noth-West Indian Plains   R.C. SHARMA, R.K. SAXENA AND K.S. VERMA

Microbial Technology for Biomass Production in Barren Land   SUDHIR MESHRAM, SONALI JOSHI AND SUNIL PANDE

Soil Based Agrotechnology Transfer - A Case Study   G.K. KHADSE AND S.T. GAIKAWAD

Volume 4 - 1994
VOLUME 4 1994


Computer Aided Decision Support Systerm in Land Evaluation - A Case Study   SHOME YIZENGAW AND WILLY VERHEYE

Characterization, Classification and Productivity Potential of Vertisols and Associated Soils of Bihar   D.P.S. DIWAKAR AND R.N. SINGH

Characterisitics and Classification of Soils of Northern Telangana Zone of Andhra Pradesh   T. VIJAY KUMAR, M. SURYANARAYAN REDDY AND V. GOPALAKRISHNA

Characterisation of Soils of Western Ghats in Dakshina Kanada District, Karnataka   G.C. SATISHA AND BADRINATH

Characterisation and Classification of Vertisols Derived from Different Parent Materials.   I.Y.L.N. MURTHY, T.G. SASTRY, S.C. DATTA, G. NARAYANASAMY AND R.K. RATTAN

Elemental Composition and Mineralogy of Alkali Soils on the Siwalik Hills   RAJ KUMAR, S.K. GHABRU, R.L. AHUJA AND N.T. SINGH

Pedogenic Development of Fe-Mn Glaebules in Two Monadnock Soils of Assam   R.M. KARMAKAR AND A.E.V. RAO

Soil Site Suitability for Maize in Banswara District, Rajasthan   J.D. GIRl, R.L. SHYAMPURA AND J.L. SEHGAL

Impact of Crop Management and Soil-Site Parameters on Growth and Yield of Cotton   S.C. YADAV, J.L. SEHGAL, H.S. SHIVARAMU AND B.K. KANDPAL

Soil Suitability for Rice in Different Agroclimatic Zones of Punjab   KESHO RAM SHARMA, P.K. SHARMA AND J.S. SAWHNEY

Phosphorus and Sulphur Constraints for Soyabean, Wheat and Gram Production of Some Swell-Shrink Soils   A.N. GANESHAMURTHY, A. SUBBA RAO AND K. SAMMI REDDY

Study of Inorganic Phosphorus Fractions in Vertisols Derived from Different Parent Materials   I.Y.L.N. MURTHY, T.G. SASTRY AND R.K. RATTAN

Zinc Status of Soils and Petioles of Vineyards of Peninsular India   B.S. BHARGAVA AND H.B. RAGHUPATHI

Evaluation of Spatial Variability in Sand Content and Moisture Constants of Some Haryana Soils   ANIL KUMAR; M.S. KUHAD AND M.S. GREWAL

Aggregation and Water Retention in Relation to Physical Constants of Some Vertisols   D.P.S. DIWAKAR AND R.N. SINGH