Issues 2021-2025

Volume 32 (1)


Achieving Land Degradation Neutrality: An Old Problem with New Urgency D. Mandal

Nano-nitrogen Formulations for Enhancing Use Efficiency: A ReviewA. Manikandan, R.Deshmukh, K.S. Subramainan, K. Arulmozhiselvan, N. Natarajan and M. Amanullah

Land Resource Inventory for Evaluation of Land Capability and Land Use Planning in Palakkad District of Kerala State using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques A. William Mariya Joseph, R. L. Meena and V. S. Arya

Soil-Landscape Characterization and Mapping to Advance the State of Spatial Soil Information on Ethiopian Highlands: Implications for Site-Specific Soil Management W. Seifu, E. Elias, G. Gebresamuel, G.Legesse and W. Tefera

Soil Carbon Stock under Different Agro-climatic Zones and its Economic Valuation for Productivity Enhancement of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) in Southern Deccan Plateau S.C. Ramesh Kumar, Rajendra Hegde, B.P.Bhaskar, M. Lalitha, R Srinivasan and B.S. Dwivedi

Pedogenic Processes Derived Plant Available Water Capacity (PAWC) for Rain-Fed Deep-Rooted Crops in Indian Vertisols: A Pragmatic Method D.K. Pal and P. Tiwary

Effect of Green Manuring Crops on Carbon Mineralization, Dehydrogenase and β-Glucosidase Activities in Inceptisols A.B. Gosavi, S.G. Pagare, A.B. Jadhav, D.S. Wagdhare and A.V. Patil

Heterotrophic Nitrification - Effects of N-Serve on Ammonia Oxidation and Nitrification in Acid Soils of the Nilgiris D. Rajkumar and S. Gobika

Use of Soil Health Card Data for Nutrient Mapping: A Case Study of Bemetara District, ChhattisgarhAdyasha Priyadarshini, R.K. Naitam, Nirmal Kumar, K. Tedia, V.N. Mishra, Annu Singh, G.K. Srivastava and R.R. Saxena

Land Degradation Neutrality: Indian Examples T. Bhattacharyya

Application of Remote Sensing in Archaeology and Agro-tourism: A Concept Kabita Bhattacharyya, Ajay Deshpande, S.N. Das and T. Bhattacharyya

Volume 31 (2)


Evaluation of the Productivity Potential of Contemporary G. arboreum Cotton Genotypes on Vertic Haplustepts under Rainfed Conditions M.V. Venugopalan, G.I. Ramkrushna, A.J. Bagadkar, M. Sabesh and S.B. Giredkar

Digital Mapping Algorithms to Estimate Soil Salinity in Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana (IGNP) Command area of India P. C. Moharana, S. Dharumarajan, Nirmal Kumar, U. K. Pradhan, R. K. Jena, R. K. Naitam, Sunil Kumar, R. S. Singh, R. S. Meena, M. Nogiya, R. L. Meena and B. L. Tailor

Spatial Variability in Length of Growing Period Using Meteorological and Space-based Data in Nagpur District of Maharashtra Priyanka Deshmukh, M.S.S. Nagaraju, Nirmal Kumar, Nisha Sahu, G. P. Obi Reddy, Rajeev Srivastava and Jagdish Prasad

Assessment of Productivity, Energy Balance and Soil Fertility under Conservation Tillage in Soybean-Chickpea Sequence on Vertisols under Rainfed Condition R. S. Patode, V.V. Gabhane, V. P. Pandagale, M. M. Ganvir, A. B. Turkhede and G. Pratibha

Characterization and Suitability Evaluation of Soils of Chanavada Watershed in Aravalli Hills of Southern Rajasthan, for Optimum Land Use Planning R. K. Naitam, B. L. Tailor, R. S. Singh, P. C. Moharana, M. S. Raghuvanshi, H. L. Kharbikar, Nirmal Kumar and N. G. Patil

Performance of Coleus (Coleus forskohlii) in Different Agro-climatic Zones of Tamil Nadu, India V. Balasubramanian, J. Suresh, R. Srinivasan, M. Prabhu, B. Karthik and V.B. Gokul Nandha

Mango-Growing Soils in Eastern India: West Bengal as Case Study S. K. Gangopadhyay and T. Bhattacharyya

Characterization of Soils of Two Village of Maniyar Block, Ballia District, Uttar Pradesh Ashok Kumar Singh, Anil Kumar Singh, Arman and Munendra Pal

Effect of Phytase and Farm Yard Manure on Growth, Nutrient Uptake and Yield of Soybean in Non-Calcareous Soil A.B. Jadhav, R.K. Suradkar, A.V. Patil, G.D. Patil and J.M. Khire

Biochar Application and Soil Carbon Stocks in Semi-Arid Vertisols Hrittick Biswas, M. Prabhavathi, Suresh Kumar, S.L. Patil, A.S. Morade, P. Mohan Kumar, B.N. Sheshardri and K.S. Rao

Volume 31 (1)


Characterization and Evaluation of Cotton-growing Soils of Ghatanji Tehsil, District Yavatmal, Maharashtra D. U. Pakhre, K. Karthikeyan, Nirmal Kumar, P. Tiwary and P. Chandran

Carbon Sequestration Mapping of Ratnagiri District in India Using Geospatial Technology S. B. Nandgude, R. S. Shelar, S. S. Shinde, S. S. Salunkhe, H. N. Bhange, D. M. Mahale

Land Suitability Assessment using GIS for Davana (Artemisia pallens) Cultivation in Karnataka, India V. Ramamurthy, Munnu Singh, E.V.S. Prakasa Rao, R.M. Shreyas, S. Srinivas, B.P.Bhaskar, K.S. Anil Kumar and L.G.K. Naidu

Spatial Distribution of Soil Nutrients in Berambadi Watershed of Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka for Sustainable Crop Production Rajendra Hegde, S. Dharumarajan, R. Srinivasan, K.V. Niranjana, H.R. Savitha, M. Lalitha and R. Vasundhara

Influence of Moisture Conservation Practices and Soil Amendments on Moisture Content and Biological Properties in Soils under Semi-arid Climatic Conditions of Central India P.R. Kadu, N.M. Konde, Nikita Kalbande, Nilam Kanase and V.K. Kharche

Crop Production Constraints Related to Secondary and Micro Nutrients in the soils of Jajpur District, Odisha R.K. Nayak, M. Manchala, Bandita Jena, Jyotirmayee Das , S. Mohanty and A.K. Shukla

Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Soil Properties, Yield and Quality of Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Sanjay Kumar Singh, Shivendu Chandan, Sanjay Tiwari and Pankaj Singh

GIS and GPS Based Soil Fertility Mapping of Micro and Secondary Nutrients of Coastal Soils of Baleswar District of Odisha, India B. Jena, R.K. Nayak, J. Das and A.K. Shukla

Identification of Promising Chewing Cane and Optimising the Doses of N, P and K for Cane Yield and Quality S. Thiruvarassan and M. Jayachandran

Sustaining Soil Health and Soybean Productivity with Partial Substitution of Nutrients through Gliricidia Green Manuring and Chemical Fertilizers in Vertisols of Central India V. V. Gabhane, M. M. Ganvir, R. S. Patode, A. B. Turkhede and B. A. Sonune